‘Twas The End of The Semester…

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Wow!  Where did this semester go??  This moment is bitter sweet as I am looking forward to a short little break to recharge my brain, but sad that this class is now finished.  I have learned so much once again from Alec and Katia!  I want to thank both of them as am so grateful for all the learning experiences they provided for myself and my classmates.  My brain has once again been filled with so much knowledge from the readings and viewings they have shared.  I also want to thank my #eci832 classmates as I have learned a great wealth of knowledge from reading your blog posts on the blog hub and the resources everyone shared each week.  As I began to create my Summary of Learning I realized just how much we accomplished and learned in just a couple of months!

For my Summary of Learning project I went on quite the little journey at first…My initial idea was to use Prezi again for my assignment as I enjoyed learning and using that tool last year when I created my EC&I831 Summary of Learning. I was at first leaning towards using that tool because I already had an understanding of what I needed to do and I also know that I would not have as much of time since I have been busy with my Major Digital Project, coaching curling, and directing drama.  But, I like a challenge so I decided to try first Video Scribe.  I really liked this tool and I can see myself using it in the future; however, since I was very new to using it I was getting worried about the time.  I have been really excited about Christmas this year so  decided to use it as inspiration!  I created my own version of the book A Visit from St. Nicholas or better known as ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.  I created ‘Twas The End of The Semester!  It was a lot of fun to use the rhyme and rhythm of many of the lines from the story.  Recreating this story forced me not to babble on and on as I am known to be very long winded.  I chose to do a hard copy instead of creating the book online so I could explore using different mediums.  (I am hoping in the future to do a project using video scribe.)  In the New Year I am going to have my students create their own story to showcase their learning so I thought this would be a good model for them.  Today I read ‘Twas The End of The Semester to my grade two students and they were very excited to see work that I created for class.  My grade two students think it is pretty cool that their teacher is going to school. To stick with the Christmas theme I also recreated a song using the music from Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer!  For the music I used music from a karaoke version so I did not have to sing by myself as that would have been scary.  Then I used Screencast so I could tie my pictures and lyrics together to create the video.  I had a lot of fun putting this assignment together minus a few technical sound glitches that I ran into along the way.  I also can not believe that this is my 50th post that I have created on my Word Press blog! 🙂

Here Are My Summary of Learning Project Credits:

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer karaoke – modern Christmas karaoke videos   Music Credit: Parenting Extra

A Visit from St. Nicholas (`Twas the Night Before Christmas) Story Credit: Clement Clark Moore

Light Bulb Picture Photo Credit: Kapitall Screenshots via Compfight cc

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Online Games  Photo Credit: vickyjohn via Compfight cc

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Class on Computers Photo Credit: Stanley High School Online via Compfight cc

Ribble’s Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship Photo Credit: Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools

I am a digital citizen Photo Credit: Venspired

Ready to Learn Photo Credit: Memegenerator

21st Century Photo Credit: Frau Susi

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my story and song!

Thanks for another great semester everyone!  I look forward to continuing to learn and connect with everyone online!

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Wishing you a merry christmas



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One Last Thought:

*Late last night I realized that my `Twas The End of the Semester video was not full screen when you view it on YouTube.  When I watched it back on my iPad before I posted onto YouTube it was full screen, but I did not realize that it would not be when I posted it.  Since I am a perfectionist I created another video so my story would appear full screen on YouTube.  Here it is!

So….What’s Next?

grade 2

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It has been a very busy few weeks in my Grade Two Classroom! My Secret Agents have been learning so much!  I am so proud of their growth and I am excited to continue to watch them expand their thinking and explore the world.

In my last post “Who’s Excited For This Week??? This Teacher Is!!!” I spent time reflecting what I have done so far in my classroom blog.  Since my previous post we have added some posts onto our Classroom Blog and my student’s individual blogs.

class blog

My Classroom Blog:

On our classroom blog we have posted a few more posts as a class.  One post we discussed learning about what good commenters do on a blog.  I got the idea from my EC&I831 classmate Danielle Degelman.  On our discussion page for the Google Plus Community for our #eci831 class she posted a picture and commented that she gave the students sentence starters to help them when they are giving a compliment, creating a comment, making a connection, and asking a question on other people’s blogs.

In another post we talked about even and odd numbers.  My students learned a song called “Odd Todd and Even Steven.”  They enjoyed singing that song so much that we decided to video them singing and posted the video of them singing on the blog.  I was very happy with how easy it was to upload the video onto the blog.  I will continue to add videos onto our classroom blog!

We also posted a blog that discussed my student’s learning projects.  My students and I are looking forward to begin creating their animal projects starting on Tuesday! They have been busy bringing materials from home after I sent a note home explaining the project to my student’s families.  I have not seen so much positive energy from my students this year.  I am hoping to try #GeniusHour sometime later on in the year with my class during learning buddy time.  I think Genius Hour ignites student’s imagination, creativity, and curiosity to explore topic that they want to learn about.

Finally on our classroom blog we posted a brief post showcasing what we have been learning about numbers.  My students have been busy exploring place value, describing numbers, and representing numbers in many different ways.  On Twitter I saw that Sue Waters @suewaters tweeted about being able to add in a picture gallery onto a blog post.  I wanted to try to insert a picture gallery onto one of our classroom blog posts.  One day I went around with my camera and I took some pictures of my students representing numbers using number tiles and base ten blocks on form two part mats.  I followed the steps that were listed on the link and inserted the picture gallery rather easily.  Sue also tweeted about being able to add in tiled galleries onto a blog post.  I am going to follow the instructions on that link and try out the different examples of tiled galleries another time on our classroom blog.

Here is a tour of our classroom blog:


My Student’s Individual Blogs:

Most of my students only had an about me page and only a few had art work for the header at the top of their blog.

about me blog page 1

Now my student’s individual blogs are starting to show growth that allows visitors to get to know each of my secret agents a little better.


I created a to do list in my previous blog post about my major digital project.  I am very proud that I was able to check everything off of the list and also did a few more things as well!

1. I did upload my student’s self portraits onto their individual blogs.  Their self portrait also became their avatar for their blog as well.  My students are very excited to have their very own avatar on their blog.  They have an avatar on their Mathletics account so they were thrilled to have one for this account too!

self portait
2.  I uploaded pictures of my student’s math increasing pattern work onto their blog. Then student’s added a comment of a description of their pattern explaining the pattern rule.

linking cubes
3.  My secret agents had the opportunity to create a blog post on the topic of their choice.  So many students choose different topics so I encourage you to check it out!  I also had my students blog about what they like about blogging so I was aware of what my students liked about this project.  Then I could get some ideas of what I should do again with my class.

kids posts
4.  This past week my students have been busy beginning their animal project.  They were able to choose an animal or two animals to create their project.  My students will get three afternoons to create their animal.  If my students chose two animals they had to be from the same animal family.  Once they choose their topic my students created a plan for their project.  They drew a picture of what they wanted their animal to look like and then labeled what they were going to use for each part of their project.  Along the side of the plan my students listed what materials they were going to use to create their project.

animal plan
5. Once my students were finished creating their plan they were given time to blog about their project.  Later on I added their plan onto their page.  I was able to copy my students work on the photocopier and email my students work to myself through the photocopier.  When I sent the work to myself I turned the files into PDFs which allowed it to be easier to add the work onto my student’s individual blogs.

animal blog post

6. Some of my students completed some artwork during center time.  After they were finished I help them choose what part of the artwork they wanted to go onto their header of the blog and then we posted it.

art work for blog

7.  Last week after going through what good bloggers do when commenting I modeled to my students what to do.  We went on some different teacher’s classroom blogs and left a comment on their page.  After lots of practice I gave my students time to write their first comment on a friend’s blog.  To make it fair I handed out secret agent number popsicle  sticks from a jar to my students.  Then they went on that friends blog and chose what post to comment on.  It helped out a lot when I gave my student’s sentence starters for the 3 C’s and Q.  (Thanks Danielle for the fabulous idea!!!).  Also one day I gave my students the opportunity to read the comment I left on a post that they wrote.  I wanted each student to have at least one comment on their blog page!  Before the Christmas break I am going to get students commented back to each other and the chance to reply back to me too.   We are still taking baby steps in this area, but we are starting to make progress! Slow and steady wins the race!

Here is a tour highlighting a few of my student’s individual blogs and some of the things that I just talked about in this post:

Blogging is one time of the day that I never hear complaints from my students about having to write.  My students ask about when they get to blog next if it is not on our schedule for the day.  My student’s favourite part is looking at our clusters map on our blog to see who as looked at our classroom blog.  Then we go on a journey on Google Maps to explore what city/town/country that person is from.  I am thrilled to have my students blogging about their animal projects this month.  I think it will allow my students to truly showcase what they know about animals!

My digital project maybe ending for this class, but this is a life long project for me with my students.  I am excited to continue this journey!! I am glad that I took this class so I actually started something that I always wanted to do, but did not have the support or the know how in what to do to get this process started. Through blogging now I am able to see my student’s growth in just a short period of time! Please continue to explore and read our classroom blog! My class would love to hear from you!

But before I go please tell me….How’s Our Blogging??

colourful blog

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Oh Me…Oh My…

oh happy day

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Last weekend I put together my EC&I831 Summary of Learning Project.  It was a lot of fun trying some new tools that my fellow classmates talked about in Google Plus and in their blogs.  I am going to use Toontastic and Garage Band forsure in my classroom during center time.  I think they would come up with some great projects and have a lot of fun while doing it.  In my blog called “I’m Digital Learning…..and Now I Show It” I had to do a screencast showing everyone how to watch the first video in my presentation because only four seconds of the video would play and would go to the next path in Prezi.  I was so frustrated and disappointed that it was not working properly.  I was very grateful that I had many people try to help me solve this problem.  On Tuesday night at the end of class Katia @kbhildebrandt help me troubleshoot what the problem could be.  She gave the suggestion to add my video onto Youtube and link my video from Youtube onto my Prezi presentation.  I was so happy and relieved that solved the problem.   When I would play back the presentation in edit mode it works with out having without having to pause it, watch the video, and continue on watching the presentation. I was going to call this blog post Oh Happy Day…but then I put my blog post into preview mode and check out my link one last time.  It still skips the video after four seconds.  But, now you can hit the back arrow button and it will play the whole video.

prezi pic

Here is my  EC&I831 Summary of Learning Project! I hope you enjoy! I have learned so much from this class and I am excited to continue to learn more through MOOCs, Webinars, reading blogs, reading Tweets, and other forms of Social Media! I apologize that I am still not able to solve the problem  🙂


Digital Citizenship Webinar…

digital citizenshipTonight I had the pleasure of participating in a webinar presented by Kathy Cassidy that focused on Digital Citizenship.  I love that we have fabulous teachers right in our province doing amazing and innovative things in their classrooms.  Thank you to Raelynn Smith for tweeting about the webinar this week on Twitter.  In one week of having Twitter I can see how useful it can be as an educator.  I have been able to follow some wonderful teachers who have shared some great resources already so far.

From this webinar I was able to get some excellent tips and ideas when I begin to teach Digital Citizenship to my students.  During the hour Kathy discussed why it was important and commented that “their world will be digital.”  I agree because most students now have access to computers, iPads, iPhones, etc. and they need to be prepared in how to use these tools appropriately.  She also discussed that students need to learn that “what goes online…stays online.”  I think that is something that people do forget about.  There have been cases that old negative comments, pictures, or videos that have been posted online have prevented people from great opportunities later on when they get older. Kathy talked about the importance of students building a positive digital footprint and she poses questions to her students such as “What do people think of you when they see you online?  What do you know about that person?  Would you want to have this person as your friend? How do you want other people to think about you?”  I thought those were excellent questions so students could reflect on their blog page and what other students might think about them by reading their posts and comments.  It is important for students to be safe, respectful, and kind to each other when using technology.

Also in the webinar Kathy discussed her classroom blog.  Some of the blog apps that she mentioned were the Edublog app, Easy blogger app, and the Easy blogger junior app.  Later on Kathy talked about parents need to sign a permission form.  In her school division they have a division form that parents must fill out that allows teachers and the school to post students work and pictures online.  She also has parents and students sign an acceptable use form.  When students blog they use iPads and work together with other students in the classroom.  I think that is very powerful because I believe that students learn more through collaboration.  I like how Kathy has a rule that students can not publish to their blog or Twitter account without her looking at the posts or tweets first.  She mentioned that on her student’s blog pages they do not post any pictures on the individual blogs to avoid names and pictures matching up together.  But, she does post pictures of the students onto her classroom blog page.  She also showed us a chart that she posts in her room to help remind students how to write good comments when posting on a blog:

  1. say something you like
  2. make a connection
  3. ask a question
  4. reread the comments

I never thought about all the learning and curricular outcomes that can be reached by having students blog until this webinar.  It is great for working on writing skills and self editing.  It gives students an audience and a purpose to write.  It also provides students the opportunity to reflect on their work and set goals.  Kathy discussed that blogs can become a student portfolio and samples of work can be posted on blog by using screencasts, podcasts, or pictures to showcase learning.  Students can read each other’s blogs and classroom tweets on Twitter during read to self or read to partner.  Blogs can also be opened on the Smartboard then students can read the posts and comments together as a class.

This webinar made me reflect about our Pink Day events that we had last year at our school.  We had a presentation that discussed the acronym THINK and that students need to THINK before they talk, text, or write to someone using any form of technology.  We have THINK posters hanging up in our school as good reminders to students on how to be kind, respectful, and to fill other people’s buckets instead of being bucket dippers.  Here are two different versions of similar posters that we have posted in our school.

new think image

  Photo Credit: ToGa Wanderings via Compfight cc

Thank you for reading my blog today.  I know I wrote a lot, but I did not want to forget everything that Kathy talked about and that I learned from her webinar today.  If you ever get the opportunity to hear Kathy Cassidy speak I highly recommend it!!  Check out Kathy’s fabulous class blog and you can follow her on Twitter.  Now I am excited to start the process in creating my own classroom blog! Let the learning begin!!