It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…I’m Done My Major Project!

 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lau Tzu

Jump For Joy

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 I am so excited to announce that I have completed my EC&I832 Major Digital Project!  I am so happy with how my project came together and what I was able to accomplish in just one semester.  I decided to create a screencast for my final post about my project and to take everyone on a tour of my personal blog and my classroom blog to highlight some key posts.  In the screencast I will also explain my project and discuss the integrated unit plans that I created for my grade two classroom.

Throughout this project I have referred back to the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence and all the lesson plans numerous times.  This website has been a huge resource for me as I have been teaching digital citizenship in my classroom as it filled with great resources.  I have accounts for many great educational websites and I was very excited that I did not have to pay to access all of the lesson plans and resources that Common Sense Media have on their website.  Educators just need to make sure they register for the website so they can access to all of the documents and downloads offered on the website!  By registering it also allows Common Sense to show the groups that fund their website how many educators have been accessing the resources and lessons. Near the end of November I also completed the Elementary School Curriculum Training that took one hour.  The video walks you through the resources and a few of the lessons.  It has training for middle years and for high school as well.   I wish I would have completed the training earlier in the semester, but it was good to listen to what they had to say.  During this semester I have also been referring to the  Digital Citizenship Education in Schools and the Government of Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Continuum from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve documents constantly!

Often people know the importance of teaching students about safety when teaching  digital citizenship in the classroom, but there are so many other areas that students need to know.  Students need to be taught lessons that cover all Ribble’s Nine Elements to support students learning digital citizenship.  I think the Common Sense does a good job covering most of the elements, but it does not touch on the eighth element- Digital Health and Wellness.  As an educator I would make sure I teach my students about this element while students are taking part in lessons that have students use technology.  For example, I have had my students complete body breaks and discuss the importance of take a break and moving our bodies around and stretching.  I have also talked to my students about keeping their eyes healthy and that their eyes need a break from looking at screens too.  I would spend a bit more time on teaching Digital Law and Digital Rights and Responsibilities.   There were not as many lessons in the Common Sense units that connect to those elements.  I know I will be able to connect those elements to social studies outcomes when my students learn and explore  explore rights and responsibilities and decision making in the new year! 

Here are the three integrate units that I created using Common Sense Media lesson scope and sequence: 

EC&I832 Major Project Unit One

EC&I832 Major Project Unit Two

EC&I832 Major Project Unit Three


I am looking forward to continuing my journey and educating my students on how to be good citizens!

In the new year I am excited to teach my students all the lessons from unit two and three so we can continue to have good discussions about digital citizenship.  My students have learned so many skills from blogging over the last three months and often my class tells me their favourite part of the week is when we blog.  My students amaze me every day and I know I will continue to see tremendous growth in the second half of our school year.  Please continue to explore our classroom blog!!  Last week I started talking to Ms. Ryan a grade three teacher from northern California! In the new year our classrooms our going to begin to explore each other’s classroom blogs and respond back to each other’s blog posts!  I know it will be a fabulous learning experience for my students as they will get to ask questions to students who live in a different country.  Thanks Jeannine for introducing me to  Student-to-students Blog Connect #S2SBC on Twitter!  It is a tool that allows teachers to connect and find other teachers to allow for students to have peer audiences comment on their blogs.  All you have to do is fill in this form that allows for teachers to contact you and you are also able to can see the list of classrooms so you can contact teachers as well!

I would appreciate any kind of feedback because even though my project it complete I believe lessons are always a work in progress.  There is always room for growth and I love learning about new resources I can use to help me become a better teacher for my students.  I hope my unit plans are helpful and that educators can adapt my lessons to fit their grade levels.  If any one wants a copy of the template that I used to create my lessons please leave me a comment on my blog or send me a message on Twitter @JNSteph87.  Also check out my EC&I832 classmate’s projects!  Everyone has done a great job so make sure you take the time to read their blog posts reflecting on their learning, discussing their projectd, and explore the resources that they have created!

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(I painted this picture when I was in the Early Learning Summer Institute and I just added in the quote using a photo app.)


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