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I have been thinking about my major project a lot over the last couple of weeks.  When I was going through the opinions I liked a lot of bits and pieces from each one.  I knew that I want to incorporate my classroom blog again this year since I thought last year went very well for my first time blogging with my grade two students.  For my assignment I am going to document my journey on my blog of using resources such as, the Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools, Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence, the Government of Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Continuum from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and other resources that I find.  I was originally wanting to create a unit plan using the resources that I mentioned, but now I am wanting to create a cross curricular unit plan of the lessons I will be teaching my grade two class along with the our grade six learning buddies.  I have already had comments from a few people wondering how I am going to cover all of the other grade two outcomes when I am going to also be teaching digital citizenship lessons too.  I want to create a cross curricular unit plan that shows how I can cover my grade two outcomes from different curriculums while I teach concepts and skills from the digital citizenship continuum.

Along this journey I will be documenting my project on this blog about the lessons and resources that I found or  created and how I am teaching other curricular outcomes with each of the lessons.  My grade two students will also document their journey as well.  Students will blog about what they are learning about in regards to digital citizenship and media literacy.  I am hoping my students will post their own pictures or create videos of tasks, assignments, and projects that we completed.  Another aspect of this project that I want to see happen is starting to create a and plan a final project along with our grade six learning buddies.  I want to see my class and the grade six students promote to other students in our school to have positive digital footprint and teach them how to be positive digital citizens.  I know this project will not be completed by December, but I would like to see  the planning stages get started and begin to decide on how they want to spread their message to other people in school.  I believe this can go nicely along with our bucket filling goal as a school and with our school annual Pink Day.  The grade six teacher and myself are looking into applying to the I Am Stronger to get a grant for our project.

I am looking forward to this new chapter! 

Please come back to read my next post talking about how my first lesson went with my students!



  1. Really interested to see all of the feedback from you and your students to better understand how working with all of these newly released and promoted resources will function! Sounds like a valuable project – thanks for sharing!


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