Selfie Sticks! Get Your Selfie Stick!

Selfie Sticks

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During class Alec and Katia showed us two Apple iPhone ads.  Both struck a cord with me so I knew that I wanted to write about the videos.  The first video was an Apple iPhone 5 ad called Photos Every Day.

This ad reminded me of when I was on my honeymoon in New York with my husband Damon.  We had so much fun while we were in New York, but I was shocked by the number of people we saw taking pictures with selfie sticks. They were everywhere!  I also couldn’t believe my ears when I heard someone chant, “Selfie Sticks! Get Your Self Stick!”  I have heard people chant when they were selling hot dogs, popcorn, beverages, and other merchandise, but that was the first time I ever heard someone selling selfie sticks that way.  When we walked down Time Square every New York merchandise store and street cart had selfie sticks that could be purchased.  I read an article called, “The Selfie Stick Takes Manhattan.” The article reminded me of our visit because everywhere we turned there were people taking pictures with selfie sticks or taking selfies around Time Square.  Damon and I did take pictures together at some of our favourite places that we visited in New York, but we did not use a selfie stick.  I think sometimes in society we focus to much time of capturing the moments to share on our social media accounts instead of being truly present in the moment.  What are your thoughts?

I also think it is interesting how selfie sticks are now having to be banned at certain places because of people not using them properly.  In New York city Museums and Zoos are starting to ban selfie sticks because it can put the exhibits, public, and animals in danger.  I was reading an article online that discussed those places having to ban selfie sticks and hang up signs to remind people about the ban.  I could not imagine extending a selfie stick out right by an animal at the zoo to get a close up, but I guess there are many types of people who do not think of the risks and why that is wrong.  I was reading on NBC News that Disney is banning selfie sticks as well.  I was shocked to read that people were trying to take pictures on the rides.  I never would have thought of people trying to take pictures while on a ride let along take pictures using a selfie stick.  The article also had a short video discussing selfie sticks that I found very interesting.  What is your opinion of the seflie stick?  It is a good tool if used properly?

I was also reading another article from the Daily Mail called Step away from your cameraphone: Constantly taking photographs STOPS our brains remembering what happened.” In the article it explores that people do not remember the same amount of details of the event or place compared to someone who did not take pictures.  In the article it stated that, “When people rely on technology to remember for them, it can have a negative impact on how well they remember their experiences.”  What is your opinion?  Do you think if a person takes too many pictures it would effect how well the person will remember the place he or she visited?  I like taking photographs so I can  use the pictures to create my memory scrapbooks, but I think there is a difference between having a few photographs compared to having your camera out constantly.  I believe when a person has there camera out for the whole time they are more focused on capturing the moment or on taking the best pictures compared to being present in the moment.  It is important to live in the moment and soak in the experience!

Then in class we watched another advertisement for the Apple iPhone 5 called FaceTime Every Day.

I just loved this advertisement!! Facetime is one of my favourite apps on my iPhone. I love that I am able to not only have conversations with my family and friends, but I get to see them while we talk.  It truly allows me to connect with others who live far away.  I am the only person in my family who does not live where I was raised so it is nice to be able to Facetime with my family when I am not able to make it to special events that happen during the week.  My nephew and I have so much fun when we Facetime each other.  He tells me about play school, what they did during the day, and shows me all the new things that he has learned.  I love watching my ten month old niece and her reactions when my sister turns the phone to her so I can say hi.  Her expressions on her face is priceless!  It is moments like what I just described is why I love that form of technology.  When technology can truly allow you to connect to other people and share special moments together!


  1. Hey, Justine! It was great to read your thoughts here on the “selfie-stick” craze. What I do love about the selfie stick, from experience, is a pretty sweet capture of a whole group moment, that might not be captured otherwise. Obviously discernment and etiquette should be used with the sticks. I find the evolution of photography and its impact on humans to be fascinating. Apple’s release of the front-facing camera initiated this official shift towards capturing ourselves more often than the world in front of us! I wrote about the topic a couple of times in ECI 831!
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Harmony! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Yes the selfie stick does provide an opportunity to get a large group picture which is the best part of the invention I think! I agree like any new technology or invention proper etiquette is key. The front-facing camera has evolved photography! I look forward to seeing how photography continues to evolve and grow. I know many people showing more and more interest into photography everyday. Thanks for sharing the link Harmony to your blog post. I look forward to reading your post!! Have a wonderful evening!


  2. I rarely take selfies and I have never used a selfie stick, nor do I intend to. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using them and I have seen friends capture some great moments using them but I have personally never used one. I can relate to the comment on taking pictures and forgetting moments though. I don’t think you forget the moments, but I can say that often times I will be taking a picture or videotaping something like fireworks and when they are done I feel like I missed the whole thing because seeing it through my camera wasn’t the same as seeing it in real life. It is much different experiencing something through a lens than with you eyes. Sometimes I feel like I may as well have stayed home and watched the event on TV. I have tried to limit the amount of time I spend looking through my lens and really try to capture the moments with my senses instead. Great post!


    • I do not take many selfies of myself alone. If I take any pictures it usually is with my husband, family members or close friends. I do not think there is anything wrong with using selfie sticks either as long people show etiquette for others and their surroundings. When I have taken pictures I do not think I have forgotten the moments either, but know I did not take in the full experience that I could have. I agree that looking through a lens does not give you the full experience compared to seeing it in real life. I like your comment of capturing movements using all of your senses. Thanks reading my post and for sharing your thoughts! I look forward to learning more from you this semester!


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