Is This The End????

I really do not know where to begin…How do write a final blog post for this amazing class?  I have learned so much through this journey! Only if I had a “Million Hours” like what Raelynn @raelynnsmith sang about in her summary of learning project posted on her blog.


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I enjoyed reading Jason`s blog post entailed…”Summary of Progress?”  I thought that was very clever title and very fitting for the ending of this class.  I agree with Jason that it is only the beginning of our journey.  I am excited to continue to grow as a learner and educator through networked learning and social media.

Here are some of the things that I have discovered and learned about during this #eci831 class.


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As I mentioned in my introduction for my summary of learning video I was a little bit overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester because I did not know about blackboard collaborate, Google Plus, Twitter, and I had no clue what a hashtag was.

I was a little bit unsure of blackboard collaborate at first.  A few mentioned that they were  overwhelmed with listening to the presenter while reading the chat.  I could relate because while listening in on the first few sessions I felt…sensory overload!  After the first couple of classes I felted that it got a little bit easier to multitask!  Plus once I got to know everyone I started to feel more relaxed about sharing my opinions.  I thought it was very beneficial that I could re-watch the class especially when the chat got me side tracked and I missed a few key points mentioned by the presenter.  So thanks Katia and Alec for recording our sessions!


From taking this class now I know about webinars!  I was lucky to participate in two webinars this semester.  It was so easy to sign up for a webinar and there are so many free webinars offered!  It is amazing that you can choose to participate in fantastic professional development opportunities without having to pay, travel, or miss a day of school for PD.  (Planning for a sub is not always easy either!)  Have a look at two of my older blog posts called “Digital Citizenship Webinar…” and “Marking, and Reporting, and Blogging…Oh My!”  In both of these posts I discuss my experiences attending the two webinars from this semester!  I encourage you to check them out!

im totally blogging this

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 The one area in the class that I feel I have the most knowledge in now is blogging.  It has become more of my area of expertise compared to the other tools that I have used in this class.  I have spent countless hours reading about student blogging, exploring other classroom blogs, and exploring the Edublog guide to give me direction in what to do when blogging in my classroom with my students.  Here are just a few resources that I have used and read to learn more about blogging and digital citizenship:

*”Blogging? It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson!”

*”How blogs motivate students to write, read, create art, & use technology

*”Introducing Social Media to Elementary Students

*”Blogging with Elementary Students

*”Media Smarts

*”Common Sense Media

I am so happy that I took blogging on as my major digital project! I am very proud of myself and the progress I have made personally in blogging.  As well as teaching digital citizenship and blogging skills to my students.  Check out my classroom blog! My student`s would love to hear what you think of their work!

I decided to create a screencast of my personal blog showcasing everything that I have learned about blogging in these past few months.  So please check out my screencast below and tell me what you think!

graduate twitter
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 I am not a scholar of Twitter yet, but I am starting to know how to navigate my way around Twitter.  As I discussed in a previous post “My Thoughts About Twitter…” I am glad that this class had me sign up for Twitter.  I never would have been exposed to all the benefits that Twitter has to offer!  By reading people`s tweets I have discovered great resources, learned about webinars, and met fantastic educators from the different Twitter chats that I participated in (#irachat, #saskedchat, and #ttog).  I need to find some more chats to participate in because right now I have curling Thursday nights so I am not able to participate in #saskedchats live.  I am thankful that I have learned about Tweetdeck as it has made it easier to follow everyone`s tweets.  I feel like I am still a newly hatch bird still exploring Twitter, but I am excited to continue to use this tool!  Twitter opens the door for many great possibilities for Professional Development!

hatching twitter
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 I had the privilege of listening to so many great presenters on Tuesday nights!  Each person taught me a lot about networking, social media, and digital learning.  I could be here for hours recapping all that I have learned from each presenter.  You can explore all my reflection posts on my personal blog.  On each of those posts I reflected on what I learned about during my Tuesday night classes from the guest speakers.  Student blogging, rhizomatic learning, network identities, and the marker movement are just a few of the topics that I learned about on Tuesday nights.  You can also take a look at my summary of learning project!  For my summary of learning project I had so much fun creating this presentation and revisiting everything that I have learned about during this semester!

IMG_4039Photo Credit: I took this picture of our Google Plus website with my iPhone

Google Plus is an excellent way to share your learning and a great place to connect to other people.  I am going to encourage other people to use Google Plus!  It has allowed me to connect and learn from some amazing educators in this class.  I was very thankful to learn about the Google Plus app for my iPhone.  It made it easier to stay connected and read everyone’s posts on a more ongoing basis.  From reading my fellow classmates blog posts on the Blog Hub and on Google Plus I learned a lot about MOOC’s.  From reading their posts has made me want to take a MOOC sometime in the near future.  I enjoyed reading about everyone`s experiences that took a MOOC and I am looking forward to seeing what MOOC`s are available for me to help me continue to grow professionally as an educator.

I want to take this time to thank all of my fellow classmates in my EC&I831 Social Media Class!  Boy it has been an amazing adventure.  I learned not only from the guest speakers, the articles that I read, and the videos that I found, but I have learned so much from each and everyone of you!  I have enjoyed reading your blog posts, tweets, and your ideas that you have shared on our Google Plus community website.  I want to send out a extra shoot out to Andrea NeederDanielle Degelman, Jaylene Brass, Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell, Kelly Brezinski, Lisa K, Kelly Christopherson, Raelynn Smith, and Ryan Hicks for all your feedback and for teaching me so much these past few months!  Finally thank you so much Katia and Alec for an incredible class!  I appreciated all of your knowledge, guidance, and support throughout this journey!

 social graph
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I can relate to Ryan’s blog post “Trying to stay connected…”  I do not want this class to be over either! I have learned so much from this class as I can apply everything that I have learned about to my daily life and in my classroom.  I am proud that I have finished this class because that means I am one more class closer to reaching my goal of getting my Master’s in Education Degree.  I am hoping that this is not going to be the end!  The joy of this class is that we are still able to share with one another through social media.  Even though this class is over does not mean the blogging, tweeting, and sharing needs to end! I look forward to continue to follow everyone’s journey and stay connected in the digital world!

Best wishes to everyone! I wish you a Merry Christmas !  Have a safe and happy holiday with your family!! 🙂

merry snowman

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