Check It Out!! A Video Tour Of My Classroom Blog…


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Hello Hello!! I have completed screencasts before and I think it is a fantastic way to showcase your learning!  I am very passionate about teaching reading and I wanted to learn more about Literacy Development.  So for my EC&I804 Curriculum and Development class I created a script of what I was going to say and a presentation to showcase my findings for my research question “What should early year’s teachers focus on to promote literacy development?”

I was very happy with how my project turned out.  The only thing I would want to change is to slow down how fast I was talking in that video.  We had a time limit of eight minutes so I needed to talk fast to make sure I had time to fit everything into my video to show all of my findings.  To create the video I used Screencast-O-Matic to record my audio and images of my slides for my project.  Then I posted my project onto Youtube!  That was the first time that I have ever posted anything onto Youtube before.  Now I have two other videos on Youtube.  One video is my summary of learning introduction and the other video is me explaining my Prezi presentation.  It can be a little scary at first putting your work on the Internet to the world to see, but this class has allowed me to feel more confident in sharing my learning through using different social media tools.

This weekend I did my very first screencast without having a script of what I was going to say.  That is a huge change for me as I am someone that likes everything all laid out and planned.  Here is a video of me giving a tour of our classroom blog using Screencast-OMatic.  Please forgive me for some of my pauses and stumbles during this video!  I am hoping to keep practicing Screencasting without writing a script because I know I will not always have time to write a script for every thing video that I record.

I would love to hear your feedback!

What did you think when looking at our classroom blog? Is it easy to navigate and find your way around our classroom blog?  Is there any more widgets that I should add onto our blog?  Do you have any suggestions for me about student blogging?

Thanks so much everyone! 🙂


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