I’m Digital Learning……and Now I Show It!

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Oh my! The weeks sure have gone by!!  Today it felt so crazy at school to take November down off the board and up December.  I find that time keeps flying by faster and faster each year.  They always say that “time flies by when you’re having fun!”  I agree with the quote because I have had an amazing semester!  I can not believe how much I have learned in three months.  This semester I have grown professionally and this class has helped me further develop my philosophy of education.  I wish I still had my copy of my original write up for my philosophy of education that I did in my first year of university.  I know how much it has developed and changed with more years of experience compared to when I first joined the teaching profession.

time flies

Photo Credit: ♥KatB Photography♥ via Compfight cc

This past week it was very busy week for me, but I am very happy with how my summary of learning project turned out.  The idea for my summary of learning project started to form after  Alan Levine (@cogdog) talked to us about Digital Storytelling.   For this project I thought it was fitting to tell my journey of what I discovered and learned from this course through writing a story.  I also wanted to challenge myself for this project to try using a new format that I have never used before.  One of Educational Technology Consultants in my division told me about Prezi last year so I decided to try it out for the first time.  I liked using Prezi for my summary of learning and next time I will know more about the tool so creating a new project should be even easier.

 prezi pic

 Photo Credit: Picture I took of my Prezi Presentation
Things That I Learned About Prezi

1. You can find free Prezi templates or there are some templates that you can purchase as well.   I was very excited when I saw the template that I used because it fit in with my theme! I  was also happy that I was able to find a template because I was overwhelmed where I should start.   I think once I start using it more and become more familiar in how I can set up a Prezi  that I would be able to be creative and make my own Prezi without using a template.

2. I learned that it is easy to add in images onto your Prezi.  All you need to do is click on insert, then click on image, and after choose what file you would like to get your photograph from.

3. I learned that in Prezi instead of insert a new page they call it inserting a frame.  All of the pages then create a path.

4. When creating a Prezi can choose if you want to zoom into your frame or be further back.

5. Just like in Powerpoint you can change the order of the frames (pages) for your presentation.

6. You can add sound onto your  Prezi.  I watched a Prezi Tutorial on Youtube to teach me how to add audio onto my Prezi.  There are two options:

*Add audio to the whole presentation by clicking on insert at top menu and click add background music.  You can see when the song is uploaded onto your presentation.

*Add music or audio onto a specific path step by clicking on insert at the top menu and click on add voice-over to path step ___.

7. You can add video onto your  Prezi.  I watched a Prezi Turtorial on Youtube to teach me how to add videos onto my Prezi.

*Add a video to the whole presentation by clicking on insert at top menu and click from file.

*If you want the video to play automatically you just need to add it to your path.


cautionPhoto Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc ***

*Please make sure you know what format your audio is in because Prezi only support particular audio files

(I learned the hard way when I used a voice recorder on my iPad that created files in the wrong format for Prezi. I usually test it out after I finish the first recording, but this time I do not.  I really wish I would have tested it because twenty-one sound files later I found out it would not work.  After doing some search I found a voice recorder that created files that were in the correct format.

*Please make sure you know what format your video is in because Prezi only support particular video files.

*Learned how to turn a Prezi into a video from watching a Youtube video! (screen flow)

once upon a time

Photo Credit: UNE Photos via Compfight cc

Digital Story Telling!

I was inspired by Raelynn`s (@raelynnsmithblog post called “She was burning the midnight oil again when suddenly… “  As I discussed my blog post “Please Tell Me A Story“ I stated that her blog post “gave me motivation to try using one digital media tools in my summary of learning project.“  I wanted to follow through and add digital story telling into my presentation.  I knew that I wanted to search to find an app that I could use not only for my presentation, but one that my grade two students could use.  I have used PuppetPals before with my students.  They like this app and so do I, but I wanted to find an app that gave a few more options of characters and settings that I could use.  Then in my search I found Toontastic!  I love this app! I encourage you to check it out and give it a try.  On Google+ I shared with everyone the app.  I found that it was very friendly to use while having a variety of backgrounds and characters to choose from.  There is also an option to draw your own characters or props too.  I liked that you can add background music to go allow with the mood of the story.  My favourite part about this app is that it has a story arc that has allows the authors to have a beginning, conflict, challenge, climax, and then a resolution page.  I am excited to use this app with my classroom when we create stories in Writer`s Workshop.

**After I was finished my show I was able to easily download the video onto my iPad.  Then I transferred the video onto my laptop.  The only problem I ran into was the video that I created using Toontastic was in the wrong format.  My educational technology consultant is going to swing by the school tomorrow morning to help me change the video into the correct format.  During the weekend as a back up I created a screencast of my digital story.  I had to create a screencast in my EC&I804 class so I was familiar with how to use it.  I do apologize the sound quality for that part of my Prezi that shows my video is not the best that it could be.  Once my consultant is able to help me I will reload my Prezi with the video so it was better quality sound. 🙂  Crossing my fingers that it works!!!


Photo Credit: photosteve101 via Compfight cc

Creating a Song!

I was also inspired to try another tool when my classmate Ryan Hicks (@RyanHicks306) shared with us on our EC&I831 class Google+ page a video about creating and learning with Garageband  and iPad and iPhone.  I encourage you to check out his video because he showed us some basic tips on how to use Garageband.  I know it is crazy that I have not really used Garageband before, but it sadly true.  I loved this app! I am going to get my students to create music using this app in the classroom and have them try to create their own song.

During one class we watched a learning summary video of a previous student Ryan Josephson.  He wrote his own lyrics to a well known song and played the guitar.  In my classroom if my students have a great week and get all their work done we have a dance party for the last five minutes of every Friday.  One of the songs that my student’s love to dance to is the I’m Sexy and I Know It parody…I’m Elmo and I Know It!  I have listened to this song so many times and one day during a dance party I thought about writing my own lyrics about this class to that song.  That is when the idea of I’m Digital Learning and I Know It was formed and I knew I wanted to conclude my summary of learning project with the song.  Growing up I sang in choirs and performed in my high school`s musicals.  I have never created my own song like this before, but I had fun creating this even though recording myself was a little bit out of my comfort level.

It has been an amazing journey!  What are some other great presentation programs or tools that I could try using for another project sometime?  Do you know of any other good storytelling apps that I could use with my grade two students?  I hope you enjoy watching my reflections!

****IMPORTANT****** Before you watch my link below please check out this link first explaining my presentation!


(P.S. You may need to give it a minute or two for the two video links to upload!)

What did you think? Please leave me a comment and share what you thought about my project.

Oh My!!! I just noticed that when I added in the photo credits on my Prezi that it did not save!! Yikes! It took me a while to add that in because I wanted to make sure I had photo credit for each picture.  So instead of adding it again I wrote the path number, I gave each picture a name to describe the picture, and then put the Photo Credit beside it.

On Path 4 The Feet Print–> Photo Credit: andy_5322 via Compfight cc

 One Path 4 Kathy Cassidy’s Book–> I got the picture from the Powerful Learning Practice Website

On Path 6 The Old Computer–> Photo Credit: IslesPunkFan via Compfight cc

On Path 6 Social Media Web–> Photo Credit: Anne Helmond via Compfight cc

On Path 6 Ted Talks–> Photo Credit: TEDxVictoria via Compfight cc

On Path 7 Blog Picture–> Photo Credit: dimnikolov via Compfight cc

On Path 8 Edublog Series–> I took a picture of the web page with my iPhone

On Path 10 Drop Box Picture–> Photo Credit: joe.ross via Compfight cc

On Path 10 Google+ Picture–> Photo Credit: The Daring Librarian via Compfight cc

On Path 12 Bird Camera–> Photo Credit: marc.benton via Compfight cc

On Path 13 Boy Reading–> Photo Credit: rubyblossom. via Compfight cc

On Path 13 Two Children Building–> Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight cc

On Path 14 Makey Makey–> Photo Credit: CTJ Online via Compfight cc

On Path 14 The Cardboard Creation–> Photo Credit: ancawonka via Compfight cc

On Path 15 Water Reflection–> Photo Credit: aguscr via Compfight cc

On Path 16 Students Building–> Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight cc

On Path 16 Student Art/Projects–> Photo Credit: flickrolf via Compfight cc

On Path 16 Learning Required–> Photo Credit: Enokson via Compfight cc

On Path 18 Speak Up–> Photo Credit: HowardLake via Compfight cc

On Path 18 Social Change Politics–> Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

On Path 19 Social Media–> Photo Credit: giulia.forsythe via Compfight cc

On Path 19 Students on Computer –> Photo Credit: Hurst Photo via Compfight cc

On Path 20 Wordle–> Photo Credit: mrsdkrebs via Compfight cc

On Path 20 Picture Web–> Photo Credit: infocux Technologies via Compfight cc

On Path 21 The Path–> Photo Credit: Ian Sane via Compfight cc


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