Marking, and Reporting, and Blogging…Oh my!


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The end of October is always a crazy busy time for me in my classroom! This is the time that I am finishing off my units and I begin to assess my students in a variety of ways to show their growth in all of the different subject areas. I know fellow educators can relate to this crunch time.  I am a little bit worried about this report period because my division is in the process of transitioning to a new tool to create our report cards. Our technology consultants have been AMAZING with providing us with Webinars, support documents, and answering e-mails to get us through this process!!! Since I have been so focused on my student’s assessments and report cards that I feel bad that I got a bit behind in my blogging for my graduate class.  But, this weekend I am glad I had the time to begin to get caught up! I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes that quality can be a bit of a weakness for me. The blog post that I created earlier today took me over a week to get all my thoughts together.  When I posted my blog to our #eci831 class Google Plus Community page and I discussed my frustrations with finding the correct words and having to edit it so much throughout the week I really appreciated the comment that +Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell told me. She said, “Justine, I can relate! I find that sometimes I might publish a post, then realize that I forgot to add this or that… I guess that’s the beauty of a blog… You can submit, but you can also change if you need to…”. Being able to edit my posts once they are published is something that I can keep forgetting! Sometimes I focus too much on finding the exact words and when I am still unsure about something that it is okay to tell everyone that I am still pondering the topic. Then once I know the answers I am then able to go back to add to my blog post or create another post discussing my findings and changes to my opinion.

I still cannot believe that it is already November! Where did the two months go?!?! It is exciting to think about all of the tools and resources that I have been introduced to! I am glad this class has pushed me to grow professionally and has provided me the opportunity to connect with and learn from so many amazing educators. On September 15th I posted about my experience with participating in Kathy Cassidy’s Digital Citizenship webinar.  From participating in that webinar I got an email about another webinar that was on October 29th exploring Connected Formative Assessment. I used my cellphone to connect to blackboard collaborate to attend the webinar, but I experienced a lot of difficulty with staying connected through my cell. I was sad that I had trouble staying connected, but I was very excited when I received an e-mail letting me know that I was selected to receive one of their digital books for free. I chose Kathy Cassidy’s book called Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades. I cannot wait to receive her book and dive into reading it!  I encourage everyone to check out the Powerful Learning Practice website.  There are a lot of great resources and information available on the website or you could follow the Powerful Learning Practice on Twitter @PLPNetwork.

I was very happy on Tuesday we have the opportunity to be able to ask Katia and Alec questions about our class, blogging, and our projects.  I could relate to Clayton’s blog post! Do not worry Clayton I also relate to missing the boat on making sure I added photo credits to the pictures that I posted onto my blog.  This weekend I spent time watching Alec’s Basic Blogging Tips video that he created for our graduate class.

I encourage everyone to check out his video!  The part that I found most useful was when he walked us through how to cite photographs properly using CompfightI could understand how Clayton felt because I also found there was not as many options for photographs, but I am happy that I will not be going to “copyright jail” once I am finished going through all of my blog posts.  So far I have added in the photo credits to my more recent blog posts, but there are a few photographs I am having trouble to replace.  For example when I wrote a blog post about Twitter I found specific pictures that I wanted to share that represented my thoughts about Twitter.  Does anyone have any suggestions in where I could find similar pictures from a website that I could give credit to the person who created the picture?  In other blog posts that I created I also used pictures that were quotes.  Does anyone have any suggestions in where I could find similar pictures that I can give credit to appropriately?  My goal is to finish citing the rest of my photographs in my blog post by Wednesday.

This weekend I was also busy with adding an about me widget to my blog page.  On the about me website I made sure I connected people to my Google Plus page, Twitter handle, WordPress Blog, and my classroom blog that I created using Edublog.  I also worked on adding a page onto my home blog that explains my Major Digital Project about my classroom blog to everyone and then below there is a category page that allows everyone to read all of my blog posts that I created about my digital project journey.  I feel like I am heading back on the highway in my blogging journey and finally getting off of the detour that I was on over the past week! I am going to continue to work on my Twitter account @JNSteph87 and my personal blog.  If you can any suggestions in how I could make my accounts better and if I am missing anything please let me know! I appreciate your feedback a lot!!! 🙂



  1. Justine, I have the same feeling. I need to recreate my blog too after last session about “Q&A”. I think to everyone, November will be a busy month. Good luck with our studies and working. Thank you for your sharing. Lisi


  2. Hi, I am sharing your sentiments about it being crunch time for sure. I love how seamlessly you are incorporating pingbacks in your blog.
    I’ve looked at the site, and I’ve kept myself from going through with it, in part because I still enjoy a little bit of anonymity, and having the ability to have different profile images for the different social groups I am part of.
    Blog looks great though, keep it up!


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