A Great First Week…

student blogging

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I was very nervous to begin blogging with my class, but I was so happy with how our first week went. We are beginning to have some great discussions about their digital footprints and learning a few blogging terms. Each week my goal is to teach one lesson about digital citizenship to my class.

I was happy with the amount that we accomplished in our very first week of blogging. As I mentioned in my previous post “Exciting News About My Class Blog” my students worked on creating their about me page.  First they wrote in their journals and decided on what they were going to say for their about me page.  As a class we brainstormed and created some sentence starters to help them with writing their first ever post.  Then the next day I signed out the laptop cart and walked my students through what to do by demonstrating it on our Smartboard.  Since my students have logged onto other accounts before such as Mathletics it made that process a lot easier.  The hardest part was walking them through how to get onto their dashboard to add their first page.  Once they were able to type their post the process became a lot smoother.  I did not edit my student’s journals or their posts.  I want them to be able to see their progress and growth.  Below I typed out the post in brackets modelling the correct spelling and grammar.  Later on I am going to get my student’s to reflect on their posts and make goals in how they want to improve.

Finally last week we added two posts onto our classroom blog together. On our first post we welcomed everyone to our page.  My students were so excited to find their very first comment the next day.  Thanks to Kelly @kwhobbes for taking the time to go to our blog and type a comment to my class.  That is what makes having a public blog exciting.  It allows students to have a voice and for it to be heard.  I encourage you to check out Kelly’s personal blog and explore his great work!

While I was reading through the Edublog Blogging with Students resource I liked the suggestion of writing a post as a class and then have them add a comment onto the post. During the week we had two volunteer firefighters present to our class about fire safety.  We created a post as a class about the presentation then on Friday some of the students commented what they learned about from the fire fighters.  Instead of having everyone type their comments at the same time I had my students add their comments in during center time.  Today the rest of my students added their comment onto the blog.  I found it easier only having six students blog at the same time so I was able to get each student faster and help answer questions.  Once my students know how to navigate around the blog then it will make it easier to have them blog at the same time.

Goals for the week:

*Have my students create an avatar for their page. (We were not able to get to it this past week like I planned).

*Post my students art work that they created on Friday at the top of their learning page.

*Create a post or two as a class to add to our blog to show case our learning for the week.

*As a class check out one or two other class blogs to see what other students are learning about!

Check out how our classroom blog to see how it has developed over the past week. Please leave a comment! My students would love to hear from you!



  1. I am so impressed that you were able to do this with Grade 2 students. Sometimes I struggle even getting my grade 10s to follow basic instructions! I have checked out your classblog and I will definitely tune in a few more times to see how it develops!


    • Thanks for having a look at our class blog! They are already so proud of their work and we are just one week in. I was happy that I had another adult in my room the very first day to help out. It made the process a little bit easier. I think the excitement for blogging has allowed my students to be better at following directions compared to other tasks that we try to complete during the day.


  2. Hi Justine, I can’t believe your started the blog with your Grade 2 students. I guess it must be so challenging! I checked your classroom blog. It’s awesome! I suggest that you can add a FQA PAGE to collect the students’ questions and answers. Maybe it will be helpful for children to find more information about blogging. Lisi


  3. Congrats on the first classroom blog! Do you sign out a computer cart and get all the students to do the blogging together or do they do it when they have time or in a station rotation? I would love to hear how this is working through the classroom management side of things.


    • Hi Tara! Thank you very much! Yes, on the very first day I signed out the computer cart and brought it to my room. My students know how to log onto the computers and get onto the internet, but some needed support with finding the Edublog page. When I created my student’s individual usernames it made it easy since everyone’s username begins with secret agent and they just have to add in their number at the end. I also made all of my students passwords the same so it was something that they could easily type and remember. I found that helped me out a lot! My students struggled the most with navigating around the dashboard to add in their about me page. Once they were able to type then it went a lot smoother.

      I also tried a different approach to see how it would go another day. I had my students work on learning center activities and one center was blogging on the computer. I signed out six laptops from the cart and had them set up at our kidney table. During recess I turned on the computers and opened the Edublog page on the Internet so my students just needed to log in. After they logged in this time I had my students comment their learning onto the classroom blog post. I found my students had an easier time navigating their way around to comment on the post. I am going to continue to have my students blog during learning centers as I found it easier to give my students one on one support instead of having eighteen grade two students asking me questions. I think later in the year I think I would be able to have all my students blog at the same time once they understand the Edublog dashboard.

      If you have any more questions let me know Tara! 🙂


      • Thanks! I think I would have the most success with stations. I found when I signed out computer carts there was always so sort of issue that popped up so it would end up being a lesson that didn’t go smoothly. I think that having your young students blog is awesome! How are there typing skills? Did you have to do much pre teaching around simple computer skills?


      • My class is not very strong in key boarding skills. Using my document camera I have showed my students in how to add in capital letters and punctuation. They are still learning about the keys and where all the letters are on the keyboard. I am hoping to give them more tips and guidance throughout the year.

        We did a little bit of pre-teaching in computer skills at the beginning of the year. During Daily 5 my students listen to stories online and during math one station they work on is Mathletics on the computer. From teaching how to log onto those websites and other minor tasks it helped make blogging easier than it would have been in September.


  4. As I was scrolling through the blog hub and saw the title, I assumed this was an older grade… WOW! This is super impressive. I appreciate that you are challenging your students and not limiting their abilities because of the assumption many of us have of primary students. Yes, they need patience but they continually show how much they can contribute and their eagerness to learn. This is awesome!! I am excited to see progress:)


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