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Wow! I felt very overwhelmed after Tuesday night’s class.  On October 7th we were lucky to have Michael Wacker talk to us about Google apps.  You can follow Michael on Twitter @mwacker.  This was the first time that I have ever explored and really heard about Google Apps before so it was a huge learning curve for me.  It is amazing to learn about all the different options in terms of technology that I can use as an educator.

Thank you to Barbara DeWitt for sharing with us the YouTube video Google Drive Tutorial Start on our Google EC&I 831 Communities page.  It was very helpful to watch because it allowed me to learn a little more about Google Drive.  I think it is very powerful that students can work on the same document online together at the same time.  During our class I liked that we were able to try using Google Docs and add our responses to the page.  I believe this tool would help students when they are creating projects together with fellow students in their class.  As a teacher I thought it was wonderful that you are able to see who is adding work and who making the changes to the file.  This allows me to see how each student is contributing to the assignment.  It is awesome that students can chat as well in the chat room while they are working on a project outside of school hours.

While I was reading my fellow classmates responses to our class I could relate to Jaylene’s blog.  I also found it interesting when we were participating on the shared document during our class on Tuesday night.  It is very powerful that everyone in the class can work on same document!  I found that as our class continued throughout the evening that the pace seemed like it was increasing, but I think I felt that way because the topic was so unknown to me.  I also enjoyed reading Jeremey Black’s blog post and how he uses Google docs in his classroom.  I encourage you to read his blog to see how he has been using the different tools.

I want to continue to find more articles and videos about Google Apps.  I am curious to explore if teachers have used the different Google Apps in the primary grades.  If I was teaching upper elementary students or older I can begin to picture how I could use it in the classroom, but I am struggling in wrapping my head around what it could look like in a primary classroom.  If you have any ideas in how I could use Google Apps in my grade two classroom please share! I would appreciate it a lot!



  1. Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! 🙂
    I suppose it’s never to early to get your students using computers. Google drive is amazing in that it keeps everyone’s work in one place. If you look at the other third-party apps you can add into your google drive, you can do kidspiration style webs, or neat drawings. I think the only consideration would be to get admin access at your school to handle all of your student’s accounts. That way you can change their passwords to all be the same, saving you a lot of time when getting the students onto the computers. Good luck!!!


    • You are very welcome! My students do know how to log onto our school computers now because every morning in Daily 5 they use the computers for listening to reading. Each of my student’s also have their own Mathletics accounts. After a month of practicing they are starting to be faster at logging onto their account. Thank you for the advice. I will look into the different third-party apps that I can use. I really like your suggestion about having my students have the same password. I think that would save me a lot of time and headaches. Thanks again! 🙂


  2. I’m really glad that you are starting to link to the posts of other classmates and you are making sense of their experiences. Well done.

    Google Apps is amazing, and it’s great to see the possibilities emerge as presented by innovative teachers.


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