Approaching The Starting Line…

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Wow!! I can’t believe that it is already October! Now I have fifteen out of eighteen parent permission forms returned back to the school so my students can begin to take part in our classroom blog. I am so excited to finally start blogging with my class. We are approaching the starting line!!! It has taken me a little bit longer than what I would have liked to get started, but I like making sure I have a strong foundation before I start something with my students.

The Edublog student blogging series still has been a huge support for me as I have been continuing my student blogging journey. It has also allowed me to expand my knowledge about blogging and being able to use those skills when I write my blog posts using WordPress too. Look! I created a hyperlink and it worked! Yippy!!

This weekend and yesterday I worked on Step Two on the Edublog student blogging series:

* When I was first using WordPress for my personal blog I was very confused and did not truly understand what the differences were between pages and posts. I really appreciated the Edublog video that discussed how to understand pages versus posts.

*I created an about page for our class blog. I liked that the series gave examples of different about pages that other teachers have created using Edublog. I explored some of those pages to help give me an idea of what I wanted to say for our about page.

*Next I created a blogging guideline page. I only created the page and this week I am going to finish editing what my blogging guidelines are. Then I will add the guidelines to the page once it is completed.

*After I tackled adding a contact me page and inserted a contact form onto it. I really appreciated how the blogging series gave me step by step instructions and photographs in how to insert the contact form. I am a visual learner so it help me out a lot!

Yesterday I also worked on Step Eleven because I wanted to set up my student’s blogs:

*I followed the directions that were discussed on the step eleven page. When I was choosing my students usernames I got advice from another link that gave me some ideas of what to do.

*This week I am going to get my students to write their all about me introduction in their journals during writing time. After students will be able to type out their introduction onto their personal blog.

*I will get students to create art that they would like to use for their blog photograph.

*Finally I am going to get my students to create an avatar for their blog. I am thinking I am going to use  or

Here is our link for Our 2S Classroom Blog! I still have a lot of work to do on our classroom blog in terms of appearance and organization this week! 🙂




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