One Step Closer To Starting My Classroom Blog…

Today I received exciting news this morning from my principal!  My classroom blog proposal was approved by someone from the senior management team in my school division.  This afternoon I was able to send home a parent consent letter/form with all of my students!   I also made sure to see if parents approved the media portion (allows for pictures of their child on the school website, community newspaper, etc.) on their child’s student registration form too.  When I was creating my parent letter I turned to the Internet to help me out and used a few teachers letters as a guide when I created my parent letter.  I especially followed Jonah Salsich’s format and used a lot of his ideas/sentences when I created my parent letter.  I am grateful that he posted his letter to his blog as it was well written.  Thanks Jonah!  Here is the link to the PDF of Salshich’s parent letter for blogging.

I am thrilled to begin blogging with my students and begin my journey.  This weekend I am going to make a plan on how I want to use blogging in my classroom and when my students will blog. Below is my edited version of Salshich’s parent letter that I sent home today to explain about our classroom blog and how it works.

Permission Letter to Parents About Using A Blog

Have a wonderful night! I am looking forward to my student’s returning their classroom blogs approval forms so I can begin posting to my classroom blog! 🙂


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