Reflection of Our Second EC&I831 Class and My Reflection On The Importance of Relationships…

speak and spellM. B. Typing recorder

I really enjoyed our second class and Rick Schwier’s presentation on the History of Educational Technology. It made me reflect when I was going to school and the tools that my teachers used to teach me when I was in elementary school. I remember using Speak & Spell, a cassette recorder to record our reading, and Mavis Beacon to learn typing skills to name a few. It was exciting when the chalk boards were changed to white boards. I remember my teachers using overheads to show us images, demonstrations with counters, or showing us our class notes. Teaching now has been very exciting in terms of technology! As a teacher there are so many tools and programs that I can use to help me plan and deliver a lesson.  I am lucky to have a Smartboard in my classroom and I like using the document camera to project images, books, or to use it to give the students a better visual when I am demonstrating a concept in math.

During our class Rick talked about social media and how people can use it to make connections. I agree that it can be a powerful tool as an educator. For example, I never expected to like Twitter as much as I do. I have been able to connect with classmates from our class and other amazing educators. In the class few weeks I have learned about available links, apps, and tools I can use through Twitter and Google Community class posts. I have also read some thought provoking blogs by my fellow classmates. Through reading their blogs it has allowed me to reflect on my own experiences and taught me some new things that I never knew before about education and technology. I have been really enjoying this online class, but I do miss the face to face interaction with people and having more in-depth conversations with other classmates.

Rick mentioned during our class the TED Talk video called “The Social Animal” by David Brooks. In the video David discussed non-verbal communication and the importance of it. Humans are social people and communication skills is very important to have, especially as an educator. After watching this video made me reflect back to August when we watched another TED Talk video called “Every Kid Needs a Champion” by Rita Pierson. In education it is important for teachers to make connections with other teachers, support staff, parents, and of course our students. Pierson commented in the video that we need to start talking about “The value and importance of human connection…relationship.” Everyone wants to feel like they belong and are included. Education is about creating a community of learners!

Here is the link to the video. She has a very powerful message about the importance of creating a positive relationship with your students!

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  1. It seems we share similar outlooks on relationships and connectedness. I have seen the TED talk by Rita Peirson before. It certainly is powerful and meaningful for any person who works with children. Thank you for posting it and sharing your comments.


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