Creating A Classroom Blog…

edublog image

I am excited that I began my journey in creating a classroom blog tonight! I created my grade two classroom blog using Edublog. After doing some exploring I liked the options that I read about and being able to create student blogs linked to our classroom blog page. I am looking forward to trying blogs as a new way to create digital portfolios! I am thrilled that parents, students, and their families are able to go online and see what our classroom as been learning about and having the chance to make comments on our page. Students love when they have a purpose and an audience to read their work. I know I will be doing a lot of learning and reading in the next few months exploring how I want to organize my blog, finding out all the different options available to add to my blog page, and new ways I can document student learning. So far I have decided on the theme of the page and tomorrow I will continue to work more on the lay out.

Once I have my blog more organized and up and running I will share the link!! I have always talked about creating a classroom blog, but I would stop myself because the blogging world was unknown to me. I am proud of myself because I took a step outside of my box and that I am trying something new! I am nervous, but eager to introduce blogging to my grade two students.


  1. Hey Justine! I’m also hoping to set up on Edublogs and kid my grade 2s blogging. Maybe our classes could connect sometime?! Let me know if you have any great ideas for the logistics of logging them in and so forth…that’s my stumbling block right now!


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